Executive Director: Bryana Barry

The Executive Director oversees all boards functions and helps keep Lovers & Madmen accountable to its goals. She plans and runs weekly board meetings and deliberations in addition to representing the board on StuCo Exec and in any dealing with the university. Bryana is also currently serving as a StuCo Co-Chairs where she supports the theatre community as a whole, something she learned from being on Lovers & Madmen.  Bryana is a senior theatre major in the theatre management module, outside of Northwestern she is a true Pinterest addict and is constantly finding ways to make healthy food delicious or finding things that keep her moving!


Production Manager: Casey Norlin

The Production Manager oversees and advises the season's mainstage productions and is responsible for their execution. Casey serves as the liaison between the producers, the board members, University administrators, and external organizations. Casey has produced multiple shows and events on campus, and currently also serves on the executive board of the 76th Annual Dolphin Show. Casey is a also a neuroscience major, and at any given time is most likely found in a coffee shop, studying organic chemistry. 

Artistic Director: Adam Orme

The artistic director is responsible for curating the artistic output of the Main Stage season. They are responsible for leading season selection, and throughout the season they work closely with the directors to help them develop and express their point of view.

Business Manager: Abe Oxley-Hase

The Business Manager handles the financial side of Lovers & Madmen. They work as a liaison to the Student Organization Finance Office. The Business Manager also helps the Producer, Production Manager and Executive Director to budget each show, and is responsible for all funding requests and reimbursements. In addition to being on L&M, Abe also enjoys working as an actor, orchestrator, technical director, and team music member. 

Outreach Co-Chair: Nicole Bauke

As Outreach Co-Chair, Nicole works to create events and strengthen relationships with other groups on and off campus, both relating to the board's season and mission statement. Nicole is double majoring in journalism and international studies and minoring in theatre. She is a producer and an actress within the theatre community, as well as an awestruck audience member.  Outside of L&M, Nicole is VP Outreach for Greekbuild, and is a member of Zeta Tau Alpha and NU Real Foods.

Outreach Co-Chair: Simran Bal

As Outreach Co-Chair, Simi assists the Outreach Chair in forming and strengthening relations with on and off-campus groups that relate to L&M’s mission statement. Simi is majoring in performance studies, minoring in theatre, and   pursuing a screen-acting module. Aside from L&M, Simi is an actor within the theatre community, a member of Chi Omega, and writes in her spare time. 

Publicity Director: Kelsey Robins

The Publicity Director is in charge of spreading the word on all things L&M.  Kelsey is looking forward to using this position to bring the classics and classically inspired works to new and wider audiences.  Kelsey is a theatre and legal studies double major and can also be found acting, directing, cheering for unpopular sports teams and as a member of Mayfest.

Company Manager: Dana Sussman

The Company Manager handles internal board affairs such as meeting notes, distribution of files, photography, and archival duties. Dana is currently a junior studying RTVF, history and theatre. Some of her favorite credits include Stage Management Assistant for October Sky, Man of la Mancha, and Bridges of Madison County at The Marriott Theatre. She has also worked in numerous stage management capacities at Northwestern University and University of Miami. When Dana is not stage managing, she also enjoys directing. Outside of L&M, Dana is a member of Chi Omega.

Stage Management Director:
Cairo Dye

As Stage Management Director, Cairo mentors the stage managers for all of Lovers & Madmen's shows and special events and advocates for their needs. Additionally, she helps to find stage managers to work on L&M shows and events. Cairo is a double major in theatre & history.  She also stage manages productions & is the co-director of community development for the 76th Annual Dolphin show.

Education Chair: Jackson Simpson

The Education Director coordinates and leads drama workshops for Evanston area students centered on classical theatre. 

Special Events Director: Juliet Wolfe

In addition to our season of mainstage plays, L&M also produces several special events! The Special Events Director curates a full season of Special Events and is responsible for supporting, organizing, and producing those events! Juliet is excited about using this position to provide new opportunities for artists on campus. As a junior theatre major, Juliet is primarily an actor, but enjoys writing, costume design, visual arts, and doing whatever she can to be involved! Outside of theatre, she is also a member of Zeta Tau Alpha. This summer, Juliet studied and performed in Prague with the Prague Shakespeare Company's college program.

Literary Manager: Noah Watkins

As Literary Manager, Noah researches and expands L&M’s canon, aides the Artistic Director and director-producer pairs during season selection, and acts as a board liaison to the L&M’s new Adaptation Festival! Academically, Noah is a double major in Theatre and English and is entering the Theatre Management module.  When not working with L&M, Noah spends his time acting and directing in and around the StuCo community and anticipating the next season of The Great British Baking Show.

Technical Director: Doug Pinckney

As the Technical Director, Doug works with designers and technicians to help the worlds of our shows become reality.  When not working on technical theater, Doug can be found roaming the halls of TECH as a physics and math major.

Adaptation Chair: Preston Choi

Other past positions have included: Publicity Director, Inventory Manager, Historian/Dramaturg, and additional Technical Directors, sometimes with specific areas for each. We are always interested in adding new positions and expanding our board!